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PixAPI is an open world editor where every user can set a specific amount of tiles per day. It is based on the popular reddit experiment but instead of pixels you can set specific tiles. Currently we use the tiles from the following website but let us know if you would like to set other tiles. Every user is allowed to set 32 tiles per hour.


Actually there is no real sense behind this game if you have fun you can place tiles how you like and see how the map evolves over time as every user can change the map. There is also an API so you could build apps or bots to automatically set a tile. You need to register in order to place a tile. The main intention is to build an app which uses the Fusio API Management system.


My name is Christoph Kappestein Iam a developer and chess player. I like to build API systems but I have also a love for games. This is the first project to combine those topics, I call this headless gaming as every user could also build a custom UI on top of the API. Please let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions. You can use the following contact form to send me a message.